The only true, world’s first optical, functional color gradient based Coach yourself for Health® Energy-Flow-Effect©  and how to use it

Flow Up©

This design variant could, purely optical, help YOU to feel more energetic, more motivated, more awake, more concentrated, … because the color gradient from the bottom (dark) to top (light) could visually gently increase the natural energy in YOUR body.

Flow Down©

This design variant could, purely optical, help YOU to feel more relaxed, calmer, more balanced,… because the color gradient from the top (dark) to the bottom (light) could visually facilitates the gentle dissipation of excess energy in YOUR body.

To take a Look at the Function Certificate click here (Certificate only available in German)

Application Tips

CyfH® Tech

Regardless of whether you need your technical devices such as a cell phone, laptop or computer mouse to be able to work with more concentration with Flow Up or to surf the Internet in a more relaxed manner, play games or watch social media with Flow Down, our CyfH® Tech Merch will never unwave in their pervormance.

Laptop Case aliveble in two Sizes and the Smartphone Cases are for many Samsung® and iPhone® Models.

CyfH® Drinking

Whether awakening morning coffee or refreshing cold drinks with Flow Up or relaxing evening tea/other hot drinks with Flow Down, you will find the optimal container for all your drinks in our CyfH® Drinking range.

Cup available in three sizes and cup with practical lid and metal straw.

CyfH® Decoration

With our CyfH decoration range you could either increase your energy visually, for example in the morning, with Flow Up, or optical relax, during your breaks/in the evening, with Flow Down.

A candle, coasters and a journal are available.

CyfH® Bags

With the bags in our CyfH bag range you could either be on your way optical active with Flow Up or visually relaxed with Flow Down.

The range includes a sports bag, a backpack, a beach bag, a belt bag, a gym bag and a toiletry bag.

CyfH® Textile

With our CyfH textile products you always have the right piece of fabric for all situations. Whether for example a headband in Flow Up, which visually supports you energetically while exercising, or a cuddly blanket in Flow Down, which optical supports you to relax better on the sofa in the evening.

Available are a beanie, a headband, a scrunchie, a bandana, a cozy blanket, a fitting pillow and socks.

CyfH® Beach

With CyfH Beach Clothing/Textile you have everything you need for example to go on a water sports adventure with Flow Up or a to a relaxing day at the pool with Flow Down.

Swimsuits and rash guards for the whole family.

CyfH® Sport/Fitness

With CyfH sports/fitness clothing you could be visually particularly effective with Flow Up or optical very relaxing with Flow Down, depending on your current training goal.

The range also includes training t-shirts and leggings for teenagers and children, too.

CyfH® Yoga

Power yoga in the morning or for meditation purposes in the evening? With CyfH Yoga Clothing in Flow Up and Flow Down you are visually prepared for both.

A yoga mat with the right flow is also available.

CyfH® Comfort

Would you like to start the day comfortably and yet motivated? Then try our CyfH Comfort Clothing in Flow Up for visual support. For relaxing and unwinding during breaks/evenings, the same Clothes in Flow Down are optical more suitable.

Practically all Comfort items are unisex for the perfect partner look.

CyfH Outdoor

With CyfH Outdoor Clothing you can either be highly motivated with Flow Up or completely relaxed with Flow Down while being put onto the streets in any weather.

This part of our range contains carefully selected materials that are water-repellent and provide wind protection.

CyfH® Beauty

Our vegan CyfH cosmetics could help you get going in the shower with Refreshing in the morning and could gently lull you into relaxation in the evening with the soothing scent of Floral.

Each available as hand/body wash and lotion.