CyfH® Ladies Week

Attention Ladies – this Week is for you! We celebrate the international Women Day on 03/08 for a hole Week.

YOU (&) COACH YOURSELF FOR HEALTH® celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Dive into a world of green, wellness, and a pinch of luck. Elevate your health game with personalized coaching, unlocking the gold at the end of your wellness rainbow. Join us in a celebration of vibrant living and embrace the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day on 03/17 with a healthier you.

The second accompanying eBook for the YOU (&) COACH YOURSELF FOR HEALTH® FLOW & GLOW CHALLENGE 2024

The second accompanying eBook for the current challenge is here – “Coach yourself for Health with Journaling” available in German and English – by the way, this and all other accompanying eBooks are available free of charge for all registered challenge participants!

Coach yourself for Health® wishes YOU a happy Easter

Embrace the season of renewal with personalized wellness strategies. Elevate your well-being, unlock vitality, and savor the joy of a healthier you. Let this Easter be a celebration of self-care and vibrant living.

Revolutionize your fitness journey with Coach yourself for Health®! Introducing our latest breakthrough – the Energy-Teleportation-Effect©.

Seamlessly transport yourself to the ideal workout destination of your choice, unlocking a realm of personalized well-being. Imagine sculpting your body on a tropical beach or finding zen atop a mountain—all with just the power of your energy. Elevate your workouts, transform your surroundings, and embrace a healthier you.

Coach yourself for Health® World Health Week

In celebration of World Health Day on April 7th, join us in a transformative journey towards optimal health. Explore personalized coaching, nutrition guidance, and fitness strategies tailored to elevate your vitality. This week, prioritize your health with Coach yourself for Health®—because a healthier world starts with a healthier you. Take the first step on the path to well-being and celebrate World Health Day with us!

Indulge in the essence of wellness with Coach yourself for Health® and Frank's Summer Breeze©!

Immerse yourself in the ultimate blend of style and health as we unveil a unique design collaboration. Introducing a limited edition of Coach yourself for Health® with the exclusive Frank’s Summer Breeze© design. Elevate your well-being in a stunning, one-of-a-kind package that embodies the spirit of summer. And, be the trendsetter you are – the inaugural piece of this collaboration is none other than the limited edition CyfH® Slipper, making a statement for both health and style. Sales start on April 8th, 2024

Hello and welcome to Coach yourself for Health®

Coach yourself for Health® is for YOU.

Coach yourself for Health® is a Brand for exclusive Beach/Sports/Fitness/Yoga/Comfort/Outdoor Clothing and matching Accessories/Merch/Beauty products, all custom made to order.

But beside this Coach yourself for Health® is so much more than just Clothing/Accessories/Merch/Beauty. It is YOUR Attitude to Life, YOUR Self-Care Statement, YOUR Motivation to take YOUR Health, Well-being, Lifestyle, Beauty into YOUR own Hands, become YOUR personal Coach and to take Care of YOURSELF.

Coach yourself for Health® is at YOUR Side with fresh, functional Colors, innovative Features and numerous Tips to help YOU on YOUR way to the best Shape of YOUR life.


 Fit Regards your Team from Coach yourself for Health®