The only true, world’s first optical, functional color gradient based Coach yourself for Health® Energy-Circulation-Effect© and how to use it

Flow Round©

From a purely visual perspective, this design variant, which is only available for our CyfH® shoes/socks, could help ensure that YOUR legs and feet have better blood circulation, that YOU could walk pain-free for longer, … thanks to the optical color gradient that visually circulates here.

In addition, the shoes and socks, in combination with the Clothing/Accessories /Merch with the Energy-Flow-Effect©, could act as a buffer so that the Clothing/Accessories/Merch neither release nor absorb too much energy.

To take a Look at the Function Certificate click here  (Certificate only available in German)

CyfH® Shoes

Always walk well on all your journeys with our range of shoes in Flow Round.

Five out of six pairs of shoes are available up to shoe size 47.5

CyfH® Socks

We know how nice it is to walk around in just socks at home. That’s why we offer our CyfH socks not only in Flow Up© and Flow Down© but also in Flow Round©, so that you don’t have to miss out on the Energy- Circulation-Effect© even when just wearing socks.

Available in two sizes.

Our Sets

Now you know how the two effects and the individual components of our collection work. Do you still find it a little difficult to combine? Don’t worry, we also offer you sets in which everything is already preset, so that all you have to do is mix and match as you please. Here is an overview of the three sets with example combinations:


CyfH® Mini Set

Here you can put together a small Set consisting of a top and a bottom in either Flow Up© or Flow Down©.

CyfH® Medi Set

In addition to a top and bottom piece of your choice, you can also add a piece from our CyfH® Accessories Textile range in Flow Up© or Flow Down© and a pair of shoes (Flow Round©) to this Set.

CyfH® Maxi Set

This set, in Flow Up© or Flow Down©, contains an “all-round carefree package” with one top and one bottom, as well as one piece each from the CyfH® accessories category of Bags and Textiles in Flow Up© or Flow Down©, a pair of shoes in Flow Round© and one piece each from the CyfH® Merch and CyfH® Beauty range in Flow Up© or Flow Down©.

Take your time when combining here. No matter which set you choose, you will definitely get a 10% discount on every product in the set. If you need advice, please send us a message using the contact form on this website.